Fuel Tank Safety Parts 1 & 2

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Ana Flores

12 Jan 2022



Fuel Tank Safety 1 & 2

Fuel Tank Safety and SFAR 88 Training under  EU 1321/2014 Part M (Appx XII and Part 145 (Appx IV). For MRO and CAMO staff.

There are 2 "Phases" for Fuel Tank Safety training.

Phase 1 is a short overview, and is only for Quality (Compliance) Department staff, and staff in the "Competent Authority" (EASA's quaint term for staff in the National Aviation Authority, such as the UK CAA or Germany's LBA).

Phase 2 is a more detailed course, and is added to the Phase 1 course to make a complete "Phases 1 + 2 Fuel Tank Safety" course. The combined course is sometimes referred to as "Phase 2 FTS" or "Level 2 FTS", or any similar name

Part M (Subpart G) CAMO  staff who are "involved in the management and review of continued airworthiness of specified aircraft" must do the Phases 1 + 2 Fuel Tank Safetycourse.  This includes management, quality and support staff as well as those actually reviewing and issuing ARCS.

(The specified aircraft are those with maximum passenger capacity of 30 or more, or maximum cargo payload of 7,500 lbs (3,402 Kgs) or more.)


Personnel in a Part 145 Maintenance Organisation who "plan, perform, supervise, inspect and certify maintenance of aircraft and fuel system components" must complete the Phase 1 +2 Fuel Tank Safety course. This is generally taken to mean management, engineering, quality, support staff, as well as certifyers and all other staff working on aircraft, or fuel system components in a workshop.

Contractors are always expected to arrive with current FTS certificates. They are valid for 2 years.

Our Fuel Tank Safety course is the Phase 1 + Phase 2 course.  We do not supply a Phase 1 only course.

It complies with EASA’s current requirements as detailed in Part M AMC Appendix XII and Part 145 AMC Appendix IV.

Upon completion of the Fuel Tank Safety Phases 1 + 2 course, the student will have a good understanding and knowledge of the subject as set out in the EASA documentation, SFAR 88 and CDCCL procedures.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Fuel Tank Safety

Fuel Tank Safety Introduction
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Fuel Tank Safety Part 1
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Fuel Tank safety Part 2
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Fuel Tank Safety Test
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